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All the material published electronically on this site is for information purposes only. MR Hibbert & Associates does not guarantee that the information is complete or correct.

MR Hibbert & Associates does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage suffered by any person or body relying directly or indirectly on any information contained within this site.

Archive Disclaimer

MR Hibbert & Associates provides a website that is a useful and comprehensive resource for all its visitors. In this regard, some material on the website, particularly newsletters and other time-pertinent information, is retained in archive format. Accordingly, some content may contain references to products and services that are no longer available.

MR Hibbert & Associates makes no warranty that any information contained in an archived document is still accurate, and advises all website visitors to confirm the status of such information by contacting MR Hibbert & Associates on 03 9787 5100.

External Links Disclaimer

MR Hibbert & Associates provides links to external websites solely as a service to our users. These links do not, in any way, constitute an endorsement of the linked pages or any commercial or private issues or products or services contained therein, and none should be inferred. MR Hibbert & Associates makes no warranty or representation concerning the content of these sites, or secondary sites from the pages to which they link.

These external websites were initially checked by MR Hibbert & Associates, and are periodically re-evaluated to confirm they are still active and relevant, but they may have changed since last reviewed. If you find a link that is inactive, or you have any questions or concerns about a link, please contact us at mrh@hibbert.com.au